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How to do music full time ?

In an ever changing world, where new trends and limelights last for 9 seconds at a time. How does one do music full time ?

There have been many people who have given a lot of energy and time into building a brand or business within the music space. Sadly, in the competitive market we live in only about 7% of people who are musicians, music producers, or audio engineers are able to do it as a full time job.

Why is it so hard to get into these positions ?

Lets break it down a bit to try to understand why.

1. Its a saturated market

Unfortunately, becoming a full time musician, music producer, or audio engineer, is a very desirable job and creates a lot of competition.

2. Theres no clear path to success

This industry is unlike a lot of others. There is no guide to follow, and theres no telling what will work and what will not. Unlike a traditional career path like being a doctor or a lawyer, we must navigate the world of entertainment and pop culture in order to find our ways.

So what do we do ?

Artist's and producers have to use community and a network of mentors in order to find direction. Your strongest resource is finding others who are in the same pursuit, or people who have already created a successful brand. Community is everything, and the sooner you can surround yourself around these people, the easier it will be to understand what is working for others, and where you should put your energy.

You also need to stand out in the sea of complacency if you want to be successful. There are so many people who are doing the same you are, and to be honest, a lot of them sound exactly the same.

We live in a world of followers.

Most people want to be like their idols or even sound like them. They steal certain techniques and production styles and even elements of their brand. Although it may seem like you are just doing what is already working, that thing is already working for someone else. People are already accustomed to that aesthetic and associate it with a certain brand. Its like going to the store and seeing a name brand product, and then seeing a generic version right next to it. The name brand will always seem more legitimate and of higher quality.

In order to combat this we all need to try to be as original as we can. You want to create a brand thats unique, and that stands out in the sea of clones. The best way to do this is to put your self into your work. you are already a unique human being, who has certain beliefs and characteristics. Use it to your advantage and make your music be a reflection of who you are.

Its easier then you think! The key is to stop thinking, stop trying, and let the music move you. Do what feels good, and remember to have fun while your doing it!

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